Kick overwhelm to the curb, and get fast measurable relief with a simple way to manage your sensitive Empath energy.

Good for ANY stage of EMPATH DRAIN that you’re in.

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The ENERGIZED EMPATH Lab workshop is different than anything you've attended before! It's designed with YOU, the sensitive Empath, in mind... to help you revive, rejuvenate, and activate!

Hosted by: Tiff & Jack Walker

"What is The ENERGIZED EMPATH LAB workshop, anyway?"

  • WHY: Being an Empath is awesome and TRICKY at the same time. You love to help and make a positive difference in the world BUT if you don't know how to tend to your sensitive Empath nervous system the right way, you'll feel like crap. You living from a place of empowerment is WHY we do this workshop. You're here to help heal the world with your unique presence . . . AND we're here to help heal you.
  • ​WHAT: Real-time learning, connection, and engagement with Tiff & Jack as you learn the most important ins-and-outs of being an Empath. And you'll drink in soothing relief as Jack guides you through feel-good meditations along the way. The purpose of this workshop is to help you align with your TRUE self in a much bigger way.
  • WHEN: Starts Monday, July 12, 2021.
  • WHERE: Live-streamed into the Connected Empath FB group. *Recordings will be available if you can't attend live.
  • ​TIME: 2:00pm EST (NYC) daily
  • ​TIME ZONE HELPS: 2:00pm EST = 11:00am PST; 12:00pm MST; 1:00pm CST; 2:00pm EST; 7:00pm London; 3:00am on the next day in Sydney
  • HOW: Click the "REGISTER NOW" button and you'll receive an email with all of the instructions you'll need. Plus you'll get the 46 page workbook the weekend prior to the class.
  • ​WHAT IF I CAN'T ATTEND LIVE: The recordings will be available in the Connected Empath Group, "GUIDES" section during the workshop.
  • HOW DO I SHARE THE LOVE: Don't do this alone, invite your Empath friends to join you.  Share this page with them and become a part of the Empath Rising Ambassador movement. It's all about Empaths-helping-Empaths!
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Check out what you'll learn and experience in this "hands-on" workshop 

DAY 1: Identify your Empath Type

July 12th @ 2pm EST (NYC)
*Replay will be made available.

  • ​​Empath Assessment Walk-through with Tiff (helping you know exactly where you fit on the "Empath Spectrum")
  • ​Learn Your "Empath Type"
  • How to ​Live the "Empath Advantage Lifestyle"
DAY 2: The Fastest Path to Relief

July 13th @ 2pm EST (NYC)
*Replay will be made available.

  • ​Recognize Energy Vampires
  • ​Empowered Ways to Deal with Energy Vampires
  • ​How to Quickly Get OUT of Energy Drain
DAY 3: Do This FIRST Before Helping Others

July 14th @ 2pm EST (NYC)
*Replay will be made available.

  • ​The Empath BODY (fibromyalgia, asthma, chronic fatigue, etc.)
  • ​Self-Care Like a Boss!
DAY 4: Open Your Abundance Channel

July 15th @ 2pm EST (NYC)
*Replay will be made available.

  • ​Mindset Matters
  • ​​Law of Attraction for Empaths
  • ​Your Angelic Helpers
DAY 5: Explore and Activate Your Empath Gifts

July 16th @ 2pm EST (NYC)
*Replay will be made available.

  • ​Why You Have Gifts as an Empath
  • ​Types of Empath Gifts
  • ​Identify YOUR Empath Gifts
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Presented by: 
Tiff & Jack

Tiff & Jack educate and mentor Empaths to not only thrive & prosper, but to make a lasting impact on the world using their unique Empathic healing gifts. Tiff is a natural-born Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Healer, using her Empath gifts in business to bless the lives of others, bringing peace, clarity and healing to every person, or group she works with. And Jack (her partner in crime...and husband) comes from the other side of the equation as a powerful Mindset Coach, assisting clients to identify and remove the limiting beliefs blocking them from having whatever it is they desire to BE, DO, or HAVE. 

They are a dynamic duo, two sides of the same coin, who together own and run Thought Tracks Coaching & Healing, Inc., and are the creators of the worldwide Empath Rise & Thrive Group Coaching and Spiritual Healing Program, and the hosts of the Energized Empath LIVE Show and the Tiff & Jack Show Podcast.

The current global crisis has made it clearer NOW, more than ever before, that the sensitive healing way of the Empath is much needed. 

We lovingly invite you to do something radical and take time for yourself, and join us for The ENERGIZED EMPATH LAB.  You'll gain insight into your sensitive self that you've not seen before. 

This training isn't for everyone, just those that are willing to open their minds and hearts to FEEL something BEYOND what their eyes can see.

Our goal for you? After attending the Energized Empath Lab that you'll never again see your Empath Way as being something "wrong" with you, but that you'll feel happy that you are. 

No matter where you find yourself today, may you find some light, even when it seems there's none to find.

Stick with us . . . we'll help you make this a reality.

See you there.


Tiff & Jack
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